Offline's Internet MBA Challenge

Want a MBA in Internet? We can't quite give you that, but here are 3 challenges that'll help you learn Internet business, gratis.

Today we're officially announcing our Offline’s Internet MBA Challenge!

This is a series of three milestones that’ll take you from total internet newbie, never having sold anything online, to someone who’s collected real money from real people.

No matter what kind of business you want - a side hustle, a consulting business, online products, whatever - this challenge will help you get there.

The program is structured into 3 deceptively simple-but-difficult challenges:

Challenge #1: Get 10 Email Subscribers
 Challenge #2: Send Marketing Emails to Your List
 Challenge #3: Collect at Least $1 From 1 Person

If you are interested to start the program you can sign up at

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