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What we've learned over 100 episodes

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! AND THIS IS NOT A RERUN! We've reached our 100th episode! Thank you so much for being a listener. We cannot express how grateful we are to have you.

September Update - Direct Response and Consulting Windfall!

In this episode, Liston and Philip will share their September 2019 business update.

Direct Response Marketing and Sales Quotas

In this episode, Philip and Liston will walk you through their insights and experiences with direct response marketing and sales quota.

How to sell something someone has never bought?

In this episode, Philip and Liston will talk about how do you sell something that's never been bought before, and how do you extend that into buying?

Choosing Marketing Channels

In this episode, Philip and Liston shared their insights on how you can choose marketing channels for your audience and whether they are in favor of PodPass or not.

How We're Applying the Internet MBA Challenge to Ourselves - Part 2

On the last episode of Offline, we talked about how Philip and Liston are going to apply the Internet MBA Challenge to themselves. Today, we’re going to deep dive into how Liston will market his book, Serve Don’t Sell.

How We're Applying the Internet MBA Challenge to Ourselves - Part 1

Want to know how we're applying the Internet MBA Challenge to ourselves? You asked for it...

Constraints to Help You Build a Publishing Habit

Every customer service email is an opportunity to build stronger relationships.

Offline's Internet MBA Challenge

Want a MBA in Internet? We can't quite give you that, but here are 3 challenges that'll help you learn Internet business, gratis.

Paul Jarvis on Building an Audience and a Company of One

Paul Jarvis is a creative entrepreneur. He self-publishes books, creates compelling courses, talented designer and develops software — all without a single employee.

Getting Through Business Lifecycle Stages, with Brad Farris

Most businesses follow a fairly predictable life cycle. If you know the different business stages in the life cycle you can make better decisions and enjoy your successes that little bit more. Or to put it another way, you will know when to panic and when to celebrate.

How Much Luck Do You Need In Your Business? feat. Tom Miller

Luck comes to those who are engaged in the right activities – to thrive, not just survive.

When to Quit, and Building Community with Margo Aaron

Innovating entrepreneurs find themselves caught in the uncertainty of this mental bind all the time. It happens to everyone. Even the best.

Charging For Daily Emails and Selling to the Enterprise

We're working on some interesting new things! Philip's begun to charge for his daily emails, and Liston's selling to the enterprise.

Republish: Direct Response Marketing vs Brand Marketing

With the development of Internet and online business, one fight has become ever more fierce: what should you focus on, branding or direct response?

Building Your Business: Are you innovating or competing on spec and cost?

Learn how to make innovation a key process, how to plan for it and how to create a suitable business environment for developing your ideas.

Enterprise Selling for Consulting and Sponsorships with Mike Julian

When searching for new business, the last thing you want is to lose out to a competitor or find yourself working with a client who can’t afford your services.

The Four Orientations of Consulting Founders

Looking at your business through the lens of where you are on that list now, wondering why strategy xyz works for you necessarily or why strategy y is not a good fit for you.

What the Science of Virality Can Teach You About Marketing

For most marketers, going viral is the ultimate goal. Let's take at the how and why of some of the most successful viral marketing campaigns.

Networking and Marketing Online or In-Real Life - What Are the Tradeoffs?

Where and when do you feel most comfortable getting yourself out there to make connections?

Is Being the Best Expert Enough to Grow Your Business?

Don’t turn your nose up at being a big fish in a small pond. There’s a lot of success, satisfaction, and wealth to be found in small ponds.

Marketing Yourself In a World of Aggregators

The Internet has leveled the playing field significantly when it comes to marketing.

The Resistance v. Just Not Lovin' It

Distinguishing your feelings; whether your heart's is not really in the outcome or it's just a resistance.

Sales Call Checklist For Your Next Prospective Client Call

You just got an email letting you know a prospect just requested a call. How do you prepare for this kind of situation? To help you... Here are some insights...

18 Ways to to Get Email Subscribers

Interested in how to get more email subscribers? We've got some tips for you.

Developing a Worldview In Your Expertise

If you've already settled on your market, it's time to develop a point of view (or worldview)...but how do you do that?

Brand Marketing vs. Direct Response Marketing

Direct response is a godsend for online businesses. It allows us to market to more people at lower prices, but it can create trust issues - it has a certain "smell."

#ContentMarketing With Email to Build Authority

If your goal is to build authority, what should you be doing with email marketing?

Authority Building With Content Marketing - Which Channels Should You Choose?

There are many different routes you could take to establish your expertise. We're talking about the pros and cons of each outreach method, and how to make each one work for you!

Engaging Content Requires Passion - Do You Have It?

Creating engaging content requires passion - do you have it? And why is it so important?

Offline REBOOT!

This here podcast needs more than a coat of pain, so we're hard at work totally renovating it.

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