Build a 100% remote, online, and expertise-driven business. Hosted by Philip Morgan and Liston Witherill, we'll share what's working, what's not, and what scared the sh** out of us, every single Wednesday. If you're a consultant, software developer, professional services provider, coach, accountant, lawyer, or any other service provider, and you want to build your business online, this podcast is for you.

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    Ep070: Offline REBOOT!

    This here podcast needs more than a coat of pain, so we're hard at work totally renovating it.

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    Ep063: Scaling Your Impact Through Content and Systemization

    Scaling your revenue can't be done by scaling up your time. How do you separate the two? In this episode, you'll learn options for scaling your impact and revenue without spending every waking moment in your business.

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    Ep056: Building Confidence In Areas Outside Your Expertise

    You're an expert, and that's why you sell your consulting services and expertise. But what about other areas where you're a bit...less confident. How can you start to build confidence? We'll break it down in a simple three-pronged model.

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    Ep046: Defining the Value Equation, and How to Give More of It to Your Clients

    We talk about "value" all the time in consulting. We say things like "the best way to make more money is to deliver more value." But what is value? Join us as we attempt to create a value equation that you can use to know which levers to pull in your business, and deliver more (you guessed it) value to your clients.

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    Ep040: Is profit a lagging indicator of success?

    If you're building a long-term, standout business, is profit a lagging indicator? How much can you expect now, and how long do you have to wait for the big bucks! We got opinions if not answers.

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    Ep039: Using LinkedIn to get leads aka "The LinkedIn Experiment"

    Using LinkedIn to get more leads for your service business is ALL THE RAGE. But does it work? Liston's been running "The LinkedIn Experiment" to find out, and he'll tell you everything he's learned after racking up tens of thousands of views.

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    Ep038: Building the chicken (and becoming a complete business owner)

    Delegating parts of your business can be a chicken or egg problem, but you have to build the chicken before you can get to the egg. If that doesn't make sense...we don't get it either. But you'll learn what you can delegate, what you can't, and what you need to be a complete consulting business owner.

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    Ep037: 4-hour work week, or 20-hour work day?

    How much time should you spend with clients and followers? And how much do you need to work hard vs. work smart? It ain't easy, but we got answer for ya.

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    Ep034: When You Need Marketing Infrastructure, and How Much

    Ever wondered if you need a fancy website, an email list, marketing automation, or other such accouterment of freelancing and consulting? We'll walk you through when, and how much of it, you need. Maybe you don't need any at all. Just listen, okay?

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    Ep031: Setting Goals as a Solopreneur

    It's never too late to set goals for your business. Compare and contrast how Philip sets loose goals, and Liston sets super tight and inflexible goals. If you're a Solopreneur, you gotta listen to this one.

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    Ep 030: Making a Generic Idea a YUUUGE Idea

    So you want to build up your leads, or even your very own audience. Which ideas will stand out in the marketplace, and which are totally generic?

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    Ep 029: Connecting with Influencers, Part 2

    This time we'll give you the skinny on what to do to connect with influencers, put Philip in the hot seat about how he'll do it, and reveal three more concrete examples to show you it's done.

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